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Since 2012 we have designed and hand-built our products with the finest materials, components, and technology available. Our rods have always featured superior components and attention to detail.

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Clutch Fly Rods

We have a deep passion for the salt. Whether it be backcountry marshes, crystal clear skinnies, or huge battles with some monster Tarpon – we have the sticks designed to fit the needs of all saltwater fly fisherman.

Freshwater fly fishing is a staple for Clutch Fly Rods. We are based out some of the best freshwater angling in the country; we offer fully dedicated fly rods to the many species that keep the majesty of fly fishing alive- anywhere on the planet.
We offer complete solutions for purpose-built fly rods. These sticks have been designed and tested for specific purposes. In this, we provide the tools to get the job done with some of the most popular species in the fly fishing world.

What is it about a Clutch Fly Rod that makes it so different?

We are committed to designing the rods that we all have dreamed of owning, and then we built them! It’s difficult to describe what makes our rods feel different, but we can honestly say we believe that we’ve found it.


The foundation of every Clutch Fly Rod is a proprietary blank that has been designed and built with our unique blend of prepreg, creating a controlled performance in the flex, speed, and dampening ability. Every Clutch Fly Rod is fabricated on a natural blank, coated with a UV inhibitor that ensures a light, crisp feel, that will also resist the harshest of environments. The result is a rod that can cast off the tip, loads deeply, and has plenty of reserve power for those situations when it’s needed.


In the pursuit of building the absolute best fly rods available, we decided early on that it would be impossible to achieve our goal if we did not use the absolute best components available. Our high-end fly rods are “SPLINED” and fitted with Titanium Stripper Guides, REC Recoil Guides, and Custom CNC 6061 Aluminum Reel Seats built to our specifications. The truth is, better components currently do not exist, period.


Every blank, every component, and every cork grip passes through the hands of our discerning quality control personnel in our factory in Ohio. Once inspected and approved we meticulously perform each build by hand, from start to finish.
Once the build is complete, each rod is thoroughly cleaned of its spline and layout markings, inspected, and is placed in its custom rod sock and tube.


Our FLOR+ Grade Cork is purchased directly from our manufacturer in Portugal and is custom profiled to our specifications. It is the absolute best cork available, and unlike the industry standard, we choose to incorporate narrower cork rings that results in a much more dense and durable grip. Smaller voids and less fill means a cork that will look and feel great for many years on the water.


Hand sewn rod socks with color-coordinated stitching to the appropriate rod model are just a few small details that help set us apart.

Clutch Rods
are handcrafted in the U.S.A

Our single goal is to design and hand build “peerless” quality fly rods in America. We draw from years of combined fly fishing experience, and our commitment is to handcraft every fly rod we make individually. We firmly believe that it’s all in the details, and we as fly fishermen and fly casters know how the perfect fishing/casting tool should feel. well, we also believe that we have accomplished the translation from an idea to reality.

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